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Wence Many Went


Chapter 6, an Extract from

"We Are All Margaret Haldane's Bairns"

"By John Duncan, of Melbourne, Australia 2001"

Transcribed & Updated for the web,
by his American Cousin,
Colleen Cahoon, of Texas, USA.

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To introduce Our McKenzies, Grays, and Robinsons, let us look again towards Margaret Haldane, or more precisely, her son, John, whom we have first seen documented in the 1841 Scottish census:

        1841 census,
10 Little Dove Hill, Glasgow, Scotland:

        James Archabald, 50, Shoemaker , born Scotland

        Margaret Archabald, 40, - - - , born Scotland

        Isabella Archabald, 25, Power Loom Weaver, born Lanarkshire

        John Archabald, 15, Tailor , born Lanarkshire (stepson)

        Margret Archabald, 8, - - - , born Lanarkshire

        Ann Archabald, 6, - - - , born Lanarkshire

        Janet Archabald, 1, - - - , born Lanarkshire


The 15 year old Tailor, John Archabald listed above, is neither 15, nor surnamed, "Archabald", but rather "Stewart", the son of Margaret Haldane and her first known husband, Charles Stewart, Handloom Weaver, married on 15 Jun 1820 at Glasgow.

Sadly, we know not what became of John's father, but we know that his mother subsequently married again, on 09 Nov 1832, at Glasgow, to James Archabald [Archibald] a shoemaker.  Hence, nine years later, our John Stewart is listed as his son, rather than as stepson, which is rather nice.  Also to note, is that in this census, a 15 year old could actually be between 15 and 20 years of age, due to the rounding off by 'fives' method, used to record ages, for those 10 years old or older.

Our John Stewart was born on the 23rd of December, 1823 in Glasgow, so actually aged 17 going on 18, at this census.  We don't have a photo of him at that age but we do have the following:


"John Stewart"

Margaret Haldane's son, John(b.1823) Stewart #61, was married twice.  John first married Agnes McCulloch on 12 May 1844 at Gorbals, a suburb of Glasgow. { IGI record Batch No. M119357, Dates: 1842-1850, Source call No.: 1042982, Printout Call No.: 6901706 }.

Children of John Stewart & Agnes McCulloch [Information obtained, 15 Jun 2002]

When I started this Family History it was based upon the letters circulating between family members, whom, I am not surprised to find out, presumably knew less about our family history than this compiler does today.  One of the red herrings that was dragged across the path of my erratic research was the statement attributed to Kathleen Robinson that:- "Kathleen Robinson advises that her grandmother, Mary [Stewart] McKenzie, was the only child of her mother, the first wife of John Stewart."

Perhaps Kathleen meant that Mary was the only daughter, born of Agnes McCoulloch, where as there was some conflicting and confusing family rumor that Mary had two sisters, Margaret and Alice?  (More on this, in the Stewart Chapter.)


"Mary [nee Stewart] McKenzie"

Thanks to Dr. Janet Clark, who supplied me (John Duncan) with the Genealogical Tree of Francis McCulloch, Stocking-Frame Maker in Glasgow, I now know that John Stewart's first wife was Agnes McCulloch, a grand-daughter of the said Frances McCulloch.  The marriage of Agnes McCulloch to John Stewart, a Tailor, took place on 12 May 1844 and they resided at 29 Stirling Street, Glasgow.

The Tree also records that their daughter Mary, married John McKenzie, and that they resided at 3 Percy Road, Whitley Bay, Near Tynemouth, England.  "Whitley Bay is in Northumberland, now part of the metropolitan city of Tyneside, 278 miles north of the English capital, London. Clarification, thanks to:~J.B.R."  This Tree does not record a birth-date for daughter Mary, but from a number of other records we have established that Mary was born on 10 Jan 1844, which birth-date presents a problem to us - which to date remains unsolved- as Mary's parents were not joined in holy matrimony, until four month's later.

23 February, 2001, David Nicholson's researcher in Edinburgh advises that she has found the marriage record, at the Register House, of Mary Stewart & John McKenzie:

        10th, November 1865,

        Banns according to the Baptist Church,

        Causeyside Street, Paisley.

        John McKenzie, Card cutter age 25 years to

        Mary Stewart, Domestic servant age 21 years.

        He of 15 Cotton St. Paisley.

        She of Thrushcraig, Paisley.

        He son of Peter McKenzie, Soldier, deceased and Janet Reid.

        She daughter of John Stewart, Tailor, and Agnes McCulloch, deceased.

        Witnesses:  James McKenzie (brother of John) and Margaret Lawne.



John McKenzie
"John McKenzie"



"The family of John Stewart, Master Tailor"


The following is referencing the above photo.

Advice From Dr. Janet Clark. [27 April 2002]

"At last my cousin John Bradbury Robinson and I had a photographic session together.  My cousin seems to recall fairly well, faces that he has seen, and immediately agreed with you that John & Mary are in the centre and centre right.

We do both think that Mary [Stewart] McKenzie and John McKenzie are on right.  We base this on photographs we have of Mary as a young woman.  We also think that the two children sitting in the front are the McKenzie children Janet Reid McKenzie and Stewart McKenzie. Again this is based on a comparison with a photo we have of these children at about the same age.  This also gave us some idea of the date of the picture.  John estimates this to be about 1876 and I wondered if it was taken as a last family group with Charles Stewart, before he left for the States [Salt Lake City].

We think that Charles is on the left with his wife and baby and that the children of John Stewart and Mary are at the back [L to R] Christina, John and Isabella.  We think it is Edward next to the lady with the baby (Charles Stewart's wife, Janet Smith, and their infant daughter).  That leaves two people we cannot identify.

Note from Colleen Cahoon : The unknown young couple were identified, with my discovery of Annie Archibald Stewart's birth in 1855, daughter of John and Mary [nee McMillan] Stewart who married her father's apprentice, Alexander Colburn, who not only worked for John Stewart, but resided at his home.  I must give credit to my archival angel, Glaswegian Deborah Robertson, for the actual 'find' of Annie's birth registration.   That information was shared with Cousin John B. Robinson, who went on to discover the details of the marriage of Anne and Alex and the sad undesired knowledge, that she died shortly after marriage, without issue, due to a kidney infection.   Alex was widowed a second time and married a third time.

If it was taken in 1876, then the ages of the people in the group are as follows:-

Using the numbered image that I prepared and attached to the above photo:

1. Charles Stewart, 31 yrs.

2. Christina Stewart, 14 yrs.

3. John Stewart, 16 yrs.

4. Isabella Stewart, 19 yrs.

5. John MacKenzie, 36 yrs.

6. Mary MacKenzie (Nee Stewart), 32 yrs.

7. Janet (Jessie) MacKenzie (JR's Grandmother who married Albert Gray), 8 yrs.

8. Stewart MacKenzie, 5 yrs.

9. Janet (nee Smith) Stewart holding baby, Jessie Stewart,

which places the photo at about 1876/7) ? yrs.

10. Edward Archibald Stewart (Colleen's Great-Grandfather), 11 yrs.

Family Heads, 11. John Stewart, 53 yrs.

and 12. Mary Stewart (nee McMillan) c52 yrs. 

13. Alexander Colburn...
14. Annie Archibald (nee Stewart) 21 yrs.

Compiler John Duncan's Note:

My response to Janet's advice was that her interpretation appeared plausible to me, and the date of 1876/77 tied in with the advice I had received from my local Church of Latter Day Saints, Family History Centre, that Charles Stewart had joined the LDC church in Glasgow, had been endowed in the LDC church at Provo in Utah on 22 June 1876, and baptised in Salt Lake City on 31 July 1884.

John Stewart and Agnes McCulloch's daughter Mary Stewart #62, married John McKenzie #160, and this marriage produced two daughters, Janet Reid McKenzie, nicknamed "Jessie", and (?)Mary E. McKenzie (according to census names), nicknamed "Winnie".  Nothing is known of Winnie, but extended family of Mary & John, now live in England, having the surnames of Gray and Robinson.

"From Colleen Cahoon: Thanks to Cousin John Bradbury Robinson, we now know that Mary E.'s middle initial, stood for Ethelwynne, hence her nickname, "Winnie". While little is known of "Winnie" we do know she is the younger of the two McKenzie Beauties, in the photo below.  Winnie is on the viewer's right and her equally lovely older sister, Jessie, is on the left.  Though I, am not in direct line, but rather cousin, to the McKenzie's, I don't mind confessing that I find this picture to be, especially endearing and romantic, epitomizing the times, place, and prosperity that Scotsman, John McKenzie's abilities manifested and provided for his family.  I can not help but notice how far more feminine, the dresses were, for these two young women, compared to the intricate, but more practical somber clothing of their mother's, as a young woman."


"Beautiful Jessie and younger sister, Winnie, McKenzie"


Recollections of Mrs. Annie Archibald McColl Nicholson [nee Stewart #121].

Annie Archibald McColl [nee Stewart] Nicholson was the youngest daughter of Edward Archibald Stewart and wife, Jessie Smith Young.  Edward was the youngest brother, or more exactly, youngest half-brother, of Mary [nee Stewart] McKenzie.

I do remember Aunt Mary McKenzie quite clearly and did meet her grandchildren, Katherine and Kenneth Gray, once or twice.  I especially was indebted to that relationship, in that I sometimes was the recipient of some of Kathleen's out-grown dresses and jackets, etc.  I was photographed at age 12, in one of the very nicest of her dresses, which even today I take vain pride, in having it.

Aunt Mary and my father were deeply spiritual and poetic people, with strangely very poor vision, also in common.  Something I remember about Aunt Mary McKenzie, that I keep in mind to this day: It seems that Kathleen was to travel back to England alone at a quite tender age and her Grandma was a bit concerned about her safety.  Finally Kathleen was heard to say,"but Gran, I'm guarded all the way" and her Gran went home and wrote a poem upon that theme and title.  I may have a copy of it even now.

We at Jezzmo, sadly, do not have a copy of the poem referenced, but we do have the following example of her poetry, to share:

Copyright © Mary Mackenzie's Family. All rights reserved.

Do something for somebody, many there be
Now longing for kindness from you or from me,
Whose hearts are nigh breaking with sorrows untold -
Oh! reach out a hand to the weary and old,
Do something for somebody.

Do something for somebody, you who have wealth;
Oh think of the sick you could bring back to health,
The hopeless and helpless in poverty's chain -
Do something to give them fresh courage again.
Do something for somebody!

Do something for somebody, riches are vain,
Used only for self they bring sorrow and pain,
For He who is owner of all we possess
Demands that we use them to succour and bless.
Then try to bless somebody!

Do something for somebody, you who are poor,
Adversity's school has taught how to endure;
Though life be a struggle from cradle to grave
There are poorer than you a kind word now crave.
Oh give it to somebody!

Do something for somebody, you who are sad,
Some sorrows are deeper than those you have had;
It shall bring you such joy, as time passes o'er,
If you comfort and cheer some hearts that are sore.
Oh try to cheer somebody.

Do something for somebody, time rushes on,
As a tale that is told this life is soon gone;
But the good we can do lives on evermore,
And reaches far out to a limitless shore.
Then do good for somebody!

Do something for somebody, answer the call
Of Jesus our Saviour who died for us all.
And for His dear sake let us gladly obey,
And follow His steps on our homeward way.
And always help somebody.

~ Mary (Stewart) McKenzie.

This poem has been shared by John Duncan of Australia,
a descendent of Mary McMillan and John Stewart...


"A young Kathleen Mary Gray,
Grand-daughter of
John and Mary (nee Stewart) McKenzie."


Kathleen Mary Gray #163 [Mrs. Kathleen Robinson] Recollections 1989.

"I used to spend my Easter and Summer holidays with grand-mother Mary McKenzie at Dunoon in Argylshire.  She and grandpa, John McKenzie, lived in Whitley Bay, Northumberland and had 'Roseau', Dunoon, as their holiday home.

After Grandpa's death in 1912, she retired to Dunoon and it was there that Aunt Bella {Great Aunt Isabella Napier (nee Stewart) Duncan } and the girls { Mary, Isabella, and Bessie}, used to come down for the day from Glasgow.  Once I recall that Duncan {?} came down too & he was wearing his naval cadet uniform. { Kathleen asks here if the compiler, John Duncan's father may have been an elder brother, which gives the clue that 'Duncan' was his uncle James, and she has confused his first name.}

Once uncle (Great Uncle?) Edward { Stewart} came over, with one of his daughters, who as I remember was deaf & dumb.  I should say she would be aged 12-14 years old.   { Note from Colleen Cahoon: : This would be Rebecca Young Stewart, who married a McDonald. }

The firm of Robinsons of Chesterfield used to have as a subsidiary, Joubert & Joubert of Melbourne [David & Peter], now Dunlop Pacific, who make foam carpets.

My husband, Ernest Robinson, was on the Box side of the business and invented the spiral winding of the Smarties Rowntree's tube.  Richard, my son, is with the firm as research chemist, on the cotton side.  John, my eldest son, has his own box-making factory in Leicester, but has his home here ( Chesterfield ), so comes back at the weekends.

"At one time, an Aunt McMillan lived in the top flat of granma Jessie's* house 'Rosseau' - she might have been some connection of Aunt Bella's."   Compiler John Duncan's Note: Kathleen was 85 years of age when she wrote this to me, sadly she died a few month's later.

Note from Colleen Cahoon:   I am intrigued by this last reference of an Aunt McMillan, living for a time in the top flat of Kathleen's Grandmother's house.   Kathleen's Granma, would have been Mary (nee Stewart) McKenzie and Kathleen's mother would have been Janet Reid "Jessie" (nee McKenzie) who married Albert Duncan Gray, Kathleen's father of course.

Kathleen's Uncle Edward Stewart was my Great-Grandfather and actually Kathleen's Great Uncle, being youngest brother of her Granma, Mary [nee Stewart ] McKenzie.   Edward was in fact 21 years younger than his eldest sibling and may have grown up more as a "cousin or brother age" than "uncle," to his niece, Jessie Reid (nee McKenzie) Gray.  Aunt Bella was Edward's and Mary's sister, Isabella Napier Stewart.

Mention of potential connection to Bella, unfortunately widens the possibilities of which McMillan Line is referenced, because Isabella's mother's maiden name was McMillan and we do know, that on more than one occasion Mary (nee McMillan) Stewart went to England to visit and assist her step-daughter, raised as her own, Mary (nee Stewart) McKenzie.   So most likely, this is who Kathleen remembered.  However, Isabella, "Aunt Bella", married into the McColl family, whom also had McMillan ancestors.


Mary & John MacKenzie's Descendants.

Mary was born in 1843/1844 and died in 1924.  She married John McKenzie 17th Apr 1840, who died in 1912.


        1]  John Stewart M, born 9 Aug 1866, in Paisley ( presume died in infancy).

        2]  Janet "Jessie" Reid M, My Grandmother, B. 30 Nov 1868, M. A D Gray, 9 Sept 1902, D. 2 Mar 1931.

        3]  Jane M, born 1869 in Paisley ( presume died in infancy).

        4]  Stewart M, born 26 Feb 1871, D. 30 Dec 1879, Tynemouth, Northumberland.

        5]  Mary Ethelwynne "Winnie" #761 M, born 1 Apr 1881, in Newcastle, D. May 1906 Tynemouth.

        6]  Agnes Stewart M, born 9 Aug 1886, in Tynemouth, D. 6 Dec 1892, S London, interred Brockley Cem, S London.

Tragically, the household of John and Mary [nee Stewart] McKenzie suffered the inconceivable sorrow, of losing one child, after another, with a total loss of five out of six! No age, between conception to 25, would prove safe. This number may have been even greater, given the age gaps between the children, as suggested by J.B.R., with possible miscarriages.  What a massive sorrow to bear! Surely this contributed towards Mary's acknowledged piercing stare to some and devote religiousness to others.


"Lovely Jessie Reid McKenzie"

"Toddler, Albert Duncan Gray, son of James Duncan Gray,
destined to wed lovely Jessie Reid McKenzie."


"The beautiful wedding of Jessie Reid McKenzie and Albert Duncan Gray"


              1]  Kathleen Mary Gray #163 born 04 Jul 1903, died 28 Nov 1989.

                  Married Ernest Bradbury Robinson #177 born 1905, died 1983.

                  Their home was in North Anston, England.

              2]  John Duncan Gray #164 born 1905, died 1975 married 1933 to Ursula Nutt.

              3]  Ken McKenzie Gray #165 born 1907, died 1988, married Gladys Mary Mawhood (she hated both these names and was better known as Puss, although we at Treeneuk knew her as Dorcas...J.B.R.

More from J.B.R.: "Mother & Father's home was Treeneuk, in Chesterfield, and was Built by A D Gray; at least it was to his design and the woodwork in the House was made by his company, Gray & Lewis. Mother inherited it from her parents and the facade is shown in their wedding Photo." (see below).


"The wedding of Kathleen M. Gray and Ernest B. Robinson"

Kathleen and Ernest Robinson Family:


    1]  John Bradbury Robinson #167 born 1934 married Elizabeth #168 and

          reside in Chesterfield, Derbyshire, England.


            1]  Duncan Bradbury Robinson #182, b. 1938, m. Sara Packham #183 in 1988.


                         1]  Rosy.

                         2]  Megan.

                         3]  James.

                         4]  Amelia, known as "Millie".

            2]  Rodney Tolson Robinson #184, m. Madeleine Carr.


                         1]  Emily.

                         2]  Oliver.

            3]  Gerard Portland Robinson #185, m. Georgina Trulio.


                         1]  Thomas.

                         2]  Ben.


"Kathleen Mary [nee Gray] Robinson and son, John Bradbury Robinson."


"Adorable Gillian Gray Robinson and
big brother, John Bradbury Robinson."

              2]  Gillian Gray Robinson #169, born 1936, married Dr. Michael Rawlin #170 and

                   live at North Anston, via Sheffield.


                         1]  Andrew Rawlin # 193, married 1988 to Miranda #194.

                         2]  Christopher Rawlin #192.

                         3]  Jacqeline Rawlin #191.


              3]  Richard Duncan Bradbury Robinson #171 born 1938 married Jill #172.


                         1]  Rachel Robinson #186.

                         2]  Fiona Robinson #187.


              4]  Ada Elizabeth Robinson #173 born 1940 married Philip Crabbe #174.


                         1]  Alison Crabbe #195 born c1963.

                         2]  Philippa Crabbe #197.

                         3]  Malcolm Crabbe #196.


              5]  Catherine Janet Robinson #175 born 1940 married David Barber #176


                         1]  Jeremy Barber #188.

                         2]  Claire Barber #189.

                         3]  Anthony Barber #190.


Dr. John Duncan Gray #164 and Ursula #166 (nee Nutt) Family.


              1]  Dr. Janet Gray #178 married Mr. Clark.


                         1]  Catriona

                         2]  Christine

                         3]  Malcolm


              2]  David Gray#179 Married Gilian.

              3]  Dr. Peter Gray #180 married Wendy.


                         1]  Boy.

                         2]  Boy.

                         3]  Girl.


              4]  Wendy Diana Gray #181 married Graham.


                         1]  Boy.

                         2]  Boy.

                         3]  Boy.


A very special THANK YOU
to John Bradbury Robinson, of England,
for sharing all the photos within this section.
I can not begin to explain how wonderful they are to me,
except to say they left my soul to sing... :)
~ eternally grateful, Colleen Cahoon."


"Coz John Bradbury Robinson,
on Canna overlooking Isle of Skye,
embracing the day, with grace and leisure."


There are also Census details of the McKenzies, courtesy of Dr. Janet Clark and Martine Saunders, listed in the Addendum, below:

14 Apr 2001.

Received from Dr. Janet Clark: Family Tree of John McKenzie #160.

John's parents were Peter McKenzie, #870, Recruiting Sergeant in the 72nd.  Highland Regiment, later to become the Seaforths.  Died ABT 1848, in Barbados.   Married to Janet Reid #871.


1] Janet McKenzie #872. Born 1836.

2] Isabella McKenzie #873. Born 1838.

3] John McKenzie #160 born 17th Apr 1840, died 1912.  Married 10 Nov 1865, to Mary Stewart #62, born 1843/1844, died 1924.

4] James McKenzie #874. Born 1842.

5] Margaret McKenzie #875 born 1845.

6] Peter McKenzie #891 born 1849.

The father Peter McKenzie, as a result of army manoeuvres, travelled quite a lot, and his children were born in many places making tracing their births difficult. Janet Clarke had much help from a Martine Saunders who is descended from the younger Peter McKenzie #891 who was born in Barbados after his father died prematurely from yellow fever. The mother, Janet [nee Reid] returned to Scotland and has been found back in Paisley in the censuses of 1871 and 1881. The family were all involved in the weaving trade which flourished in Paisley at that time.

Family Tree of Albert Duncan Gray #162.

Albert's parents were James Duncan Gray #877 born EST 1863. Married EST 1883 to Annie Gee #876 born EST 1865.


1] Mabel Gray #879 born EST 1882.

2] Albert Duncan Gray #162 born c1884, married 9 Sept 1902 to Janet [Jessie] Reid McKenzie #161, born 30 Nov 1868; died 1924.


1] Kathleen Mary Gray #163.

2] John Duncan Gray #164.

3] Kenneth McKenzie Gray #165


Census Details of John And Mary McKenzie.,
Courtesy of Dr. Janet Clark & Martine Saunders.

1881 Census.

Dwelling: 107 Stone Street.

1881 Census Place: Westgate, Northumberland, England.

Source: FHL Film 1342217 PRO Ref RG11 Piece 5047 Folio 81 Page 54.

Marriage Age Sex Birthplace.

John McKenzie M 40 M Scotland Rel: Head Occ: Draper.

Mary [Stewart] McKenzie M 36 F Scotland Rel: Wife Occ: Housekeeper.

Jane McKenzie 12 F Scotland Rel: Daur Occ: Scholar.

Infant [Mary E.] McKenzie 1m F Newcastle On Tyne Rel: Daur.

Mary [ Mosse McMillan] Stewart M 57 F Scotland Rel: Mother In Law. Occ: Housekeeper.


1891 Census.

RG/12/4230 F65 P2 " 9 Albany Terrace “ 05 April 1891.

Urban sanitary Dist. Part of Whitney & Monkseaton Part Div: Part of W/Mansbeck.

Village: Part of Whitley Ecc Dist: Part of St. Pauls [Cullercoats?]

John Mackenzie Head M 50 Draper-Employed Scotland.

Mary [Stewart] Mackenzie Wife M 47 Scotland.

Janet R. Mackenzie Daur S 22 Scotland.

Mary E Mackenzie Daur S 10 Northumberland, Newcastle.

Agnes S Mackenzie Daur S 4 Northumberland, Whitley.

Jane Foster Servant S 17 General Servant Domestic Durham, Sunderland “Employed.


1901 Census.

RG13/4805 F135 P23 Administrative County: Northumberland 13 March 1901.

Civil Parish Of Whitley Ecclesiastical Parish of: Cullercoats St Paul. Urban Dist of Whitley Parliamentary Bor or Div : Wansbeck, Village of Whitley.

9 Albany Gardens.

John McKenzie Head M 60 Manager [Draper] Scotland.

Mary [Stewart] Mackenzie Wife M 56 Scotland.

Jessie Mackenzie Daur S 32 Scotland

Mary E. Mackenzie Daur S 19 Newcastle Opon Tyne, Northumberland.

Agnes S. Fox Visitor S 55 Teacher ____ School Scotland.


Advice From Dr. Janet Clark 16 Sep 2001 re McKenzie Burials.

" I called in at the Newcastle Archives on the way north and looked at the St John Newcastle, Westgate and Elswick cemetery records and confirmed the burials of Winnie, John and Mary McKenzie as they told her:

Winnie McKenzie, F 25 yrs at Whitley Bay, Buried May 25 1906 No. 39400.

John McKenzie M 73 at Rosean, King St., Buried Dec 12th 1912. No. 44240.

Mary [Stewart] McKenzie F 80 yrs at Treeneuk, Slack Lane, Chesterfield. Buried 29th 1924 [sic] No. 61335.

In another book I found that of :-

Aggie McKenzie 6yrs. interred Dec 20th. 1892. Superintendent's fee one pound, four shillings, Burial reg. No. 27638 folio 72, No. 27638.

This will be Agnes Stewart McKenzie, John & Mary's Daughter, who died of epileptic fits"

Janet (nee Reid) was the wife of Peter McKenzie, recruiting sergeant in the 72nd Highland Regiment, later to become the Seaforths, who died prematurely from yellow fever in Barbados, and Janet returned to Paisley, Scotland, with her children, and the family were all involved in the weaving trade which flourished at that time.

Son, John McKenzie, married Mary Stewart, & Martine Saunders is a descendant of Peter McKenzie, junior.

The children were born in different locations due to their father's army manoeuvres.


1861 Census.

30 Cotton Street, Paisley.

Janet McKenzie 48 Former coop winder Paisley.

John McKenzie 20 single card cutter Glasgow.

James McKenzie 17 single shawl cropper England.

Margaret McKenzie 15 single silk reeler Spain.

Peter McKenzie 11 single scholar W/India.

       Archibald Burns 3 grandson Paisley *

[ * son of Janet "Jessie" McKenzie [b.1836] who was first married to Joseph Burns in Paisley, on 09 Apr 1857, and then James Renfrew, in Paisley, on 13 Aug 1868.]


1881 Census.

1 Cameron St., Abbey, Renfrew, Scotland.

Jessie Renfrew 45 W Paisley, Renfrew, Scotland, Head.

Archibald Burns 21 U Paisley, Renfrew, Son, Watchmaker.

Peter Burns 19 U Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Son Labourer.
Janet Wotherspoon 12 U Paisley, Renfrew, Visitor Scholar.

[Notes ...

1] Archibald & Peter Burns from Jessie's previous marriage.

2] Janet Wotherspoon is Jessie's neice, Margaret's daughter.

3] There are also two boarders- not related to the family.

Advice from Dr Janet Clark 06 Feb 2002

I believe that I found James McKenzie #X195, aged 48 years in the 1891 census in Whitley Bay near Newcastle. His occupation was given as a music teacher which fits in with the fact that Kenneth Gray played a violin, which had been his uncle [great uncle?] James' violin and was made by Robert Gofton of Whitley, Newcastle in 1889.

His address was: 31 St. Mary's Terrace,his birth place was Blackburn, Lanarkshire, and his wife was a Jane aged 39 years, born in Blackburn, Lanarkshire.

Mary Stewart #X2.

Janet also provides this thumbnail sketch of her ancestor Mary Stewart: -

"This Mary Stewart has always been regarded by our family as a somewhat eccentric character; very dominant and very religious.

None of the ladies in your family group [ John & Mary [nee McMillan] Stewart & family ] look at you, with such a piercing stare!    Perhaps I should tell you that my father always dreaded going to see his Grannie Mackenzie [Mary Stewart] in Dunoon and always got asthma when he was there."


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