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Wence Many Went


Chapter 3, an Extract from

"We Are All Margaret Haldane's Bairns"

"By John Duncan,

"of Melbourne, Australia 2001"

Transcribed & Updated for the web,
by his American Cousin,
Colleen Cahoon, of Texas,
Thanks to Submissions by Family Contributors.

You may submit questions or comments to Colleen Cahoon,
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Under Southern Stars

Home to first Australians,
Joined from near and far,
Shining light for freedom,
Under Southern Stars.

Nation made of many,
Bound in hope as one,
Building for the future,
Under Southern Sun.

Free and Friendly Nation,
Born of our own hand,
Peace our greatest virtue,
Mighty Southern Land.

Valiant into Battle,
Courage to the end,
Standing firm for freedom,
Loyal southern friend.

Nature's earthly heaven,
Glory for our eyes,
Ours alone those treasures,
Under Southern Skies.

Shining light for Freedom
Under Southern Stars.

[author: Former Immigration Minister,
Now Senator, Amanda Vanstone ]
Submitted for my Australian Cousins, by Colleen Cahoon.

     Prior to beginning the reading of this compilation, it is recommended that you read the compiler, John Duncan's introduction, if you have not already.

     In Scotland, the land of my birth, folks have a popular saying that "we are all Jock Tamson's bairns!"

     I have no idea who Mr. Tamson [Thompson] was, but the saying may be interpreted as stating that Scots are all descended from a common ancestor, and whilst doubt can be cast upon the legitimacy of this idea, it is true that the most of the people mentioned in this family history, are indeed the descendants of this Scottish lady - Margaret Haldane, and so I have decided to entitle this story:

We are all Margaret Haldane's Bairns.

        1841 census, 10 Little Dove Hill, Glasgow, Scotland:

        James Archabald, 50, Shoemaker, born Scotland

        Margaret (Haldane) Archabald, 40, - - - , born Scotland

        Isabella Archabald, 25, Power Loom Weaver, born Lanarkshire

        John Archabald*, 15, Tailor, born Lanarkshire

        Margret Archabald, 8, - - - , born Lanarkshire

        Ann Archabald, 6, - - - , born Lanarkshire

        Janet Archabald, 1, - - - , born Lanarkshire

     * In this census our John Stewart, son of Margaret Haldane and her first husband, Charles Stewart, is listed under his step-father's surname of Archibald/Archabald. John became very close to his half-sisters and it has been said that he and little Ann Archabald were especially fond of each other, as siblings, and remained so through out their lives.

Annie Archibald McColl and her older half-brother, John Stewart


     Alexander McColl married Annie Archibald in a Presbyterian Church in Melbourne, and their original Marriage Certificate tells us:

     Schedule C:
In the Colony of Victoria.      No. in Register, 541
Marriage by Banns.      Melbourne District.
Solemnised according to the Rites and Ceremonies of the Church of Scotland on the 16th July, 1858.

Alexander McColl, Tailor, Age 28. Born Kilmally Scotland.
Parents: John McColl, Farmer.  Christine McIntyre [Maiden name].

Annie Archibald. Spinster. Age 22. Born Glasgow, Scotland.
Parents: James Archibald, Shoemaker, Margaret Hill [maiden name***].
Witnesses: William Mirfin [Morphin?] Daniel Pollock.

Officiating Minister: Irving Hetherington [Presyterian Minister]

     ***IT is firmly believed by all concerned that the above reference to Ann's mother's maiden name as being "Hill" is surely a GRIEVOUS CLERICAL ERROR, as the descendants have other sources to clearly document Ann's mother as being Margaret "Haldane".

     Alexander died in Melbourne on 17 Dec 1890.

Annie Archibald McColl

Annie died in Melbourne on 17 Apr 1919, and the following notes compiled by Flo Haines, may be of interest to the reader:

    1]  From Obituary Notice in the “Australian Christian” of 19 Jun 1919, and written by Jas. E. Thomas, then minister at Lygon Street.

McColl:  Mrs. Annie McColl was one of the foundation members of the church at Lygon St., having united with the church, along with her husband, and when the brethren met for worship in the old meeting house in Barkly Street, Carlton.  For many years both Bro.[&] Sis. McColl were spared to serve God together in the pioneer days of our movement in this church... About 20 years ago her husband was called home.  Her life has been a benediction to the preacher and people.  We laid her mortal remains away in the Melbourne Cemetery on April 19Th (sic 1919).  The Conference meeting that day recorded their esteem of her life.....

    2]  Mrs. Margaret Haddow [nee Margaret Annie McColl], mother’s eldest sister, when they were trying to gather some family history together, wrote on 12 Sep 1934:

"Father and Mother were baptised in the Collins Street Baptist Church by James Service, afterwards joining Lygon Street [Church].  I was about four years old [1865] when Lygon Street Church was built, so I cannot remember much about that, but I do remember going to the Barkly Street Sunday School with Jack [ John James McColl] and Alex [Alexander Edward McColl] {her brothers}.

We had only to go across the road.  We went with Charlie and Tom Mitchell.  I can remember Mr. Surber as preacher and his conducting cottage prayer meetings in the member’s homes.”

    3]  Incidentally, I (Jean) have a copy of the Jubilee History of our Churches in Australia; published in 1902, and this contains photo’s of Grandma and Grandpa McColl, mentions early days at Lygon Street, with a number of other photo’s, including other members of the families, in various auxiliary groups etc..

    4]  I (Jean) was asked at one stage the friendship link with the Misses Ellis and our families, and was able to supply: “My Mother was named Florence Priscilla Stevenson McColl...after members of the Stevenson family - very old friends of Grandma McColl--and aunts of the two Misses Ellis {Priscilla and Helen}--who were at “Emmaus”, and recently passed away.

    5]  I (Jean) have a plate {Royal Crown Derby} which the Misses Stevenson gave to my mother--I can remember her bringing it home. My memory of her comments at the time, added to the years since, would suggest the possibility of its being well over 150 years old. When visiting “Emmaus”, after the death of the Misses Ellis, I noticed in the crystal cabinet there, four similar plates, so presumably the Misses Ellis had received these from their Aunts, the Misses Stevenson.

   6]  I (Jean) was also asked on another occasion, to link the McColl / Haddow / Haines families, and supplied:

   Jane Haines married James Haddow.

   Margaret Annie McColl married Andrew Haddow.

   Annie Jane McColl married Nathanial Haddow.

   Florence P. S. McColl married James Henry Haines.

The three Haddow brothers, above, were the sons of Andrew Haddow, Senior, also of Lygon Street. Margaret, Annie, and Florence McColl were sisters. Jane and James Haines, were sister and brother.

The Alexander McColl And Annie Archibald Family:

Updates for the following bearing “ * * ” are compliments of Kinsman, Kenneth Campbell McColl of Australia; thank you Co-Ogha Coinneach :-. And our heart felt thanks also go out to first cousins, Susan Cameron Jean Gell and Andrea Jean McColl, for making corrections on their John James McColl line! Thank you!!!

A few notes from said Kenneth C. McColl : " At age 44, in 1865, Alexander resided at 4 Rathdowne Street, Carlton, Victoria, Australia, according to the Sands & MacDougall's Melbourne and Suburban Directory.

When aged 54, in 1875, Alexander resided at Somerset Place, Carlton, Victoria, Australia, again according to the same Directory as previously mentioned, as too was he referenced by the same source in 1880, at age 59, residing at 2 Mayday Terrace, Davis St., North Carlton, Victoria, Australia.

Alexander died at age 69, 1890, at Park Street, in Brunswick, Victoria, Australia."

In 2011, this compiler, Colleen Cahoon, received the following information, from a fellow researcher, Lyn Dalton : "I have just found your Alexander McColl, tailor on your site.(born Scotland, died 1890 Brunswick, Victoria, Aust)
I do wonder if he was the same Alexander who was in partnership with Alfred Chittock ([Lyn Dalton's] Grandfather) as tailors & outfitters at 228 Elizabeth St, Melbourne in 1875, & at Lygon St., Carlton. In 1884 the business was at 237-39 Elizabeth St.

In searching for answer to Lyn Dalton's query, I (CC) came across the website,, which shared some additional details about Lyn Dalton's ancestor, Alfred Chittock: "Alfred was a master tailor. There are entries in the 1875 Sands Directory for Melbourne to indicate that a tailoring business by the name of Chittock & McColl had premises at 228 Elizabeth Street, Melbourne; Lygon Street, North Carlton (where Alfred is named as well as the business name); Somerset Place, Carlton (where Alex McCOLL is named as well as the business). The premises in Elizabeth Street are between Little Latrobe Street and A'Beckett Street, one shop from the corner of Little Latrobe, between an Ironmonger (who is on the corner) and the Australasian Hotel. * In 1884 the same business was at 237 and 239 Elizabeth Street Melbourne, and Alfred was living in Bendigo Street, Hotham (which is now North Melbourne). The business premises had moved as they were now between Latrobe and A'Beckett Streets. 221 was on the corner of Latrobe and 247 was at the other end of the block cornering on A'Beckett."

It is this compiler's humble opinion, that whereas both researchers, Dalton and McColl, independently arrived upon a reference of "Somerset Place, Carlton" respective to their subject of interest, a tailor named Alexander McColl, and a descendant of Alexander's, Ross Alexander McColl also mentions (further below) LaTrobe, then he is surely one and the same tailor? And with that in mind, jezzmo is happy to share the following:

An Ad for Chittock & McColl

The children of Alexander McColl And Annie Archibald:

 1] John James McColl, Born 03 May 1860, Died 23 Dec 1929. Married 15 Feb 1888 to Aida Maria Miles, * Born 14 May 1864, At sea in the Atlantic Ocean on the Daphne, Died 19 Jun 1958. *

 2] Margaret Annie McColl, Born 01 Feb 1861, Died 04 Sep 1939. Married 21 Apr 1886 to Andrew Haddow, Born 02 Dec 1860. Died 09 Jun 1930.

 3] Alexander Edward McColl, Born 06 Jul 1862, Died July 1929. Married 03 Feb 1886 to Minnie Greenwood.

 4] Annie Jane McColl, Born 15 Dec 1863, Died 13 Aug 1941. Married 30 Dec 1891 to Nathanial Haddow. Died 09 Aug 1930.

 5] James McColl, Born 13 Apr 1865, Died 28 Oct 1952. Married 24 Oct 1900 to Phoebe Hyde.

 6] Catherine Mary Ann McColl, Born 26 Aug 1867, Died 11 Sep 1945. Married 02 Jun 1897 to Ernest Tippett, Born 03 Feb 1867, Cornwall, England.

 7] Daniel Archibald, Born 07 Jul 1869, Died 23 Jan 1950. Married Emma [from South Africa]. * They were married about 1903 in Durban, South Africa. Emma’s full name is Matilda Emma Boston. She was born 1859 in Heidelberg, Victoria and died 18 Dec 1940, in Collingwood, Victoria. *

 8] Florence Priscilla Stevenson McColl, Born 25 Jul 1871. Died 24 Jun 1950. Married 22 Oct 1902 to James Henry Haines, Born 4 Apr 1867, Died 15 Mar 1931.

 9] Charles Edward McColl, Born 21 Sep 1873. Died 30 Jan 1874. [15 months]

10] Christina McColl, Born 24 Oct 1875, Died 19 Jun 1888.  [12 yrs. 8 month.]

11] George Preston McColl, Born 20 Aug 1878,  Died 10 Apr 1879. [7months]

12] Haldane Stewart McColl, Born 14 Jan 1884. Died 29 Jan 1971 [single].

 Haldane was the last child of Alexander & Annie McColl, and I have commenced with him simply because he never married, and he is one of the few McColl’s of whom I have some biographical information, courtesy of his niece, Jean Haldane Haines, now of course Mrs. Jean Gribben.

   "Not sure where “Unk” went to school, but at some stage, attended South Preston State School, because I have a card which he received, for being the “Oldest male ex student to take part and attend [school] Centenary 1866 - 1966 celebrations. I also have from Education Department a certificate of exemption, from compulsory attendance stating he had been educated up to a standard of education required by the Education Act 1890, dated Gowerville 22 Jul 1896 - Inspector Samuel Saunders.

   I (Jean) know there were several addresses in Carlton, North Carlton, East Brunswick area where Grandma McColl lived.

   On an overseas trip he visited his brother Daniel Archibald McColl, who was working in the mines in South Africa, and Haldie must also have worked there too, as, in a written account of his trip from the mines by train to Durban, he said he had given notice and signed papers resigning from the mines on June 1907.

   He had booked a passage earlier on a ship to return to London and spent several days in Durban before then in June 1907, but found on one day he could get an examination for a license at the Council Yard. So got out his tools and spent a day there and after having passed the test, spent a few days haunting the city engineer as afraid he would not get the license before the boat left, and as the authorities were under the impression that he was working in the town, so he had to let them think so in order to get the paper. He said that he could not show his hand!

   He was fortunate to get the paper the day before the ship sailed. He passed practical and theoretical examinations with distinction, gaining 97% and 84% respectively at Transvaal University College, Johannesburg, on 14 Mar 1906. He was applying for a license as a first-class Sanitary Plumber, licensed to work in connection with house drainage of the Borough of Durban.

   He returned to Australia and a business in Canterbury Rd., Canterbury, near Chatham Railway Station.

   He enlisted W.W.1 58th Battalion and rank of Captain, serving in the Middle East and also in France. After the war he went to New South Wales, bought 856 acres at Ulamambri near Coonabarabran, and farmed there, mainly sheep, for several years.

   He built his own home, room by room, looking after himself; he was a good cook and particular in every way.

   My Father and Mother took me to visit “Unk” about 1926/7 and as Dad was a Railway man, he had a free pass on the train. Wonderful experience for me and I have good memories of this visit, despite only being 8 or 9 years old.

   He obviously bought more acres as when he sold out in 1934, he sold 1976 acres. He then returned to Melbourne and retired. He lived at Station Street, Carrum, on the Patterson River and in 1968 moved to 10 McCrae St., Seaford, where he died.

   He was a Councillor of the Chelsea City Council from 1937 to 1949, and was Mayor twice 1940-1941, and 1945-1946.

   During World War 2 he served with the Citizen Military Forces as District Area Captain at Frankston 03 Jul 1940 to 07 Dec 1943.

   Most of his family, nieces, nephews, visited him at some time. I have a letter 1934 written to him, letting him know that Aunt Bella [Isabella Napier Stewart - Mrs. I. Duncan -the compiler’s grandmother] was coming to Melbourne for the Centenary of the City of Melbourne with the Scotch Delegation, leaving Glasgow, August 1934.

   I (Jean) have a letter to Haldie addressed to Captain H.S. McColl, c/o Mrs Duncan, 27 Richmond St., Glasgow. [this was the compiler’s (John Duncan's) grandparent’s home] In 1917 he was apparently with 38th Battalion, and the letter was addressed to H.S. McColl, 2nd Lieutenant, A.I.F. France 38th Battalion.”

Funeral Eulogy:

     Ã¢â‚¬Å“Haldane Stewart McColl was the youngest son of Alexander and Annie McColl, who were amongst the pioneer members of this church at Lygon Street. Haldie was born in Carlton on January 14, 1883. As with all other members of the family, he was brought to the church as a child, sharing in Sunday School and other activities.

     He was always mechanically minded and of an adventurous nature. After completing his training and qualifying as a plumber, he went overseas - South Africa, England, Scotland and Canada, -on what today would be called a “working holiday.”

     Both parents had come to Australia, from Scotland, and he was also able to visit other members of their families still there.

     On returning home he set up business in Canterbury road, close to where the Chatam railway station now is. Then came the first World War---he enlisted in the Australian volunteer army in March 1916. He saw service both in the Middle East and in France; he was in the 58th Battalion, reaching the rank of Captain.

     Following discharge from the army he went on to the land at Coonabarabran in northern New South Wales, remaining there for many years, including the period of depression, when things were really very tough. His earlier training enabled him to do many things for himself, and he was also able to help the other men starting out in this new venture, in this area.

     Anyone finding a nut or bolt or or a bit of anything along the road, got it to “Mac” as they felt he would know where it came from, and be able to fix it up and repair something for someone, so that through all the years he was there, he continued to be the community helper.

     He eventually returned to Victoria and settled in Station Street, Carrum, and it was not long before he became involved and active in community service. He was a Councillor for Chelsea for many years, and also served two or three terms as Mayor of the City.

     Then came the second World War of 1939-1945, he again volunteered and served as Captain for the Frankston area.

     His home in more recent times has been at Seaford. He was an honorary life governor of the Alfred Hospital, and the Bush Nursing Association. He was a Justice of the Peace for many years, but some little while after his 80th birthday he resigned.

     He was a good man and lived a good life, respected by all with whom he came into contact. Independence was a very strong characteristic of his, and he maintained this to the end. He had never married; he lived alone and looked after himself in every way, and had the ability to do so. In talking about his life at one time, he said that he was not conscious of having ever made an enemy!

     He died suddenly on Friday last, the 29th January, just two weeks after his 88th birthday. Although he was the last of his own immediate family, he has always been the very dearly loved and respected Uncle of all his nieces and nephews, and by now, this number has grown to include also their children and their grandchildren, all of whom will be conscious that they have lost a friend.

     Others in the community, too, will share this feeling of loss. And so we come to today’s service of remembrance. Whether we think of him as Captain, Friend, Mac, or Uncle, we honour and will cherish the memory of one of god’s gentlemen in Haldane Stewart McColl.”

Florence Priscilla Stevenson McColl.

   Florence married James Henry Haines and for the biographical notes of the Haines family, the compiler is again indebted to their daughter Jean, now Mrs. Gribben:

   Ã¢â‚¬Å“Mother [Florence] went to school in Carlton and completed State School education only. Then she remained at home to look after her brothers and sisters. Her other three sisters went into the tailoring business with their father Alexander McColl.

   In her younger adult days [Florence] belonged to a quartet party who sang at many functions and she was a member of the Melbourne Philharmonic Society.”

   Ã¢â‚¬Å“My father James Henry Haines was a cabinet maker when he came to Victoria [from Tasmania?] but changed to the Victorian Railways where he spent the rest of his working life as a clerk. He used to test the engine-drivers.”

Thomas Haynes & Emma Holdsworth.

   Ã¢â‚¬Å“My father, James Henry Haines, was the son of Thomas Haynes and Emma Holsworth [Hallworth] and the family always spelled his name as Haines.

   Thomas arrived in Tasmania in 1830 having been sentenced in Wiltshire, England, for life for stealing a watch. He was about 23 at the time. On 07 Dec 1838 he received a ticket of leave, and in 1842 a conditional pardon, he was released entirely but not allowed to return to the United Kingdom.

   He could neither read nor write and signed with an X. He was born on the 03 Nov 1807 at Melkshan, Wiltshire and died in Victoria on 24 Apr 1905.

   Emma Holdsworth [pencil mark on marriage certificate “Hallworth”] was Christened on 23 Nov 1834 at Cathedral, Manchester, Lancashire, England. Her parents were David and Margaret Hallworth of Chorlton, City of Manchester. David was a “fitter up” i.e. mechanic in textile mill.

   Emma was sentenced and tried at the Manchester Quarter Sessions on 07 Apr 1851 [only 17 years old] guilty of a felony - stealing two shawls in London Road, and arrived in Tasmania on 26 Jan 1852, on a seven year sentence, being described as a “nurse girl”.

   Received her “Free Certificate” on 14 Apr 1858. Thomas & Emma were married at St. George’s Church of England, Hobart Town, on 27 Apr 1857. They had five children, and arrived in Victoria on 24 May 1888, but maybe not all arriving together. My father [Jean’s] being number four, two sisters and two brothers.

   In my mother’s Bible Thomas Haynes, at his death, was described as a “gentleman”. Emma died on 26 Aug 1893.

   My [Jean’s] generation knew nothing of this background till a grandson started seeking information of parents. After piecing all together, it was felt that our parents knew and had been told, but nothing passed on to us. We have no further information about Thomas.”

Family of James & Florence Haines.

1] Florence Emma Haines, Born 05 Aug 1903, Died 25 Dec 1984, Elected to remain Single.

2] James Thomas Haines, Born 17 Nov 1905, Died 09 Apr 1961. Married 28 Sep 1935 to Nellie May Allen.
           1] James Dougal Haines.

           2] Margaret Nellie Haines.

           3] Eileen Florence Haines.

           4] Robert Haldane Haines.

           5] Bruce McColl Haines.

           6] Dorothy Jean Haines.

3] Colin Campbell Haines, Born 16 Jul 1908, Died 25 Sep 1983. Married 06 Nov 1943 to Beryl Amelia Mary Martin.
           1] Valerie Catherine Haines.

           2] Colin Martin Haines.

           3] Miriam Ruth Haines.

4] Jessie Haines, Born 21 Aug 1914, Died 22 Aug 1914.

5] Jean Haldane Haines, Born 24 Jun 1918. Married: 29 Jan 1955 to John Charles Gribben (died Jul. 1995). Died 14th February 2012.
          1] Beverley Jean Gribben.

          2] Elaine Margaret Gribben.

Florence Emma Haines.

   Ã¢â‚¬Å“Flo joined the [Victorian State] public service after high school but didn’t like work conditions, finishing work given [early] that was supposed to last all day. After that she became a typist and office secretary to Churches of Christ, Conference Executive and after 20 years was appointed assistant conference secretary and some years later-Conference Secretary.

   She was honoured to receive Queen’s Coronation Medal in 1953 [Queen Elizabeth], for her service to God and the brotherhood. She retired after 38 years service.”

James Thomas Haines.

   Ã¢â‚¬Å“Tom followed in his father’s footsteps and joined the Victorian Railways. He married Nellie May Allen in 1935 and they had six children; three boys and three girls. They lived at Box Hill till it became necessary to look after her Mother and Father, and they moved back to Surrey Hills and most of the family were brought up there.
   They were both involved with the Surrey Hills, Church of Christ, and played tennis with the club there. Before his marriage Tom played cricket with the Adelphian Church of Christ team in the Church competition.
     Tom was a blood donor for many years and it was felt that this may have been a contributing factor for his early death.”

Colin Campbell Haines.

   After high school Col worked at Colliers in Flinders Lane, Melbourne, a Manufacturing Warehouse business till they closed, and then started working at Staley’s Prestige and later Kayser stocking manufacturers. During the Depression [1930’s] he was out of work for a long time, as were many others.

   Colin Campbell Haines married Beryl Amelia Mary Martin on 06 Nov 1943, and they had three children - two girls and one boy

   Colin joined the Army in World War Two and was in the Middle East but did not see any action. Returned to Australia but was discharged unfit for service in New Guinea, but remained in Australia at Maitland, New South Wales.

   He too played tennis and was a special fast bowler in the Adelphian Cricket Club and won trophies for the most number of wickets taken in the season. They lived for most of their lives at Burwood.”

Jean Haldane Haines.

   Ã¢â‚¬Å“I [Jean] was the only child who did not attend Princes Hill, State School in Carlton, because the family moved from East Brunswick when I was about four years of age. So I went to Moreland Infant State School and Central, then fifteen months at Melbourne Girls High School, and finished at Stotts Business College in Melbourne.

   Worked at Federation Insurance for twenty years, then married Jack Gribben on 29 Jan 1955 at Lygon St. Church of Christ, Carlton and moved to the farm at Invergordon, via Numurkah, Victoria.

   My father and Mother were members of the Lygon St., Church of Christ - taught in Sunday School. Dad was envelope recorder and Mother belonged to the Ladies Group. My Mother was well known for her cooking.

   She married James Henry Haines on 22 Oct 1902 at Lygon St., Church of Christ, and they lived in ‘Lochiel” cottage, 119 Park Street, East Brunswick till approximately 1922/24, then moved to a new house at 24 Nicholson Street, East Coburg. This home was sold when Flo [Florence Emma] moved to a flat in Auburn Rd, Hawthorn, ( some time after Jean was married).

   We remained farming till sold, in 1993, and we moved to 1 Rowe Street, Numurkah. Jack [John Gribben] was not well having many complaints and problems, and gradually became worse and he sadly passed away from a massive stroke in July 1995.

   Mattie Duncan, widow of John Duncan, emailed this compiler on 27 Mar 2012 advisement that Jean had passed away, at the age of 93:
      Jean Haldane GRIBBEN nee Haines
      Funeral Date and Time: 2:00 PM Monday 20th February 2012
      Funeral Location: Numurkah Uniting Church, 3 Quinn St, Numurkah, VIC
   Jean Haldane (Haines) Gribben 24.6.1918 - 14.2. 2012 Late of Numurkah, formerly of Invergordon and Coburg, passed away peacefully at Numurkah Hospital. Loved wife of John Charles (Jack) (dec.). Loved and loving mother of Bev and Elaine; Grandma.

The John James McColl and Aida Maria [nee Miles] Family:

1] John * Reginald * McColl, married Ella Bruce Court.
     1] Edna * Marion Ada * McColl married * Donald * Hugh Bayne.
           1] Sandra Bayne.

           2] Andrew Bayne.

           3] Hugh Bayne.

           4] Elizabeth Bayne.

      2] Betty * Bruce * McColl married Norman Heron.
           1] Felicity Heron.

           2] Alistair Heron.

           3] Philippa Heron.

      3] Marjorie * Lillas * McColl married Geoffrey Townend.
           1] Jeromy Townend.

           2] John Townend.

           3] Susan Townend.

           4] Peter Townend.

2] Alexander Miles McColl, b. 24 Nov 1890, married Violet Alice Cameron.
     1] Alfred "Alf" Ross McColl b. 4 Jul 1920, married Jean Montgomerie Eddington.
           1] Ross Alexander McColl.

           2] Andrea Jean McColl. Following is an extract from Andrea, sent to this compiler, (her fourth-half cousin) Colleen Cahoon on 13th Dec. 2011: ..." The primary catalyst for this email was the recent Blog Post on your site titled Attention Decendents of Tailor, Alexander McColl. I read the question from Aussie Ms Lyn Dalton with interest but can offer very little by way of information. It would seem that the gentleman in question, tailor, Alexander McColl (d 1890, Brunswick Victoria) is my great great grandfather. Unfortunately my family does not appear to have any documentation detailing the business location or possible business partnerships. I did however consult with my brother Ross, who offers the following: 'Alexander McColl was in fact a tailor. I have no idea where his business was located. Grandpa’s father, John James McColl, was also a tailor. I know that his business was located where the current Age offices are based. The Age building is in Spencer Street on the corner of either Lonsdale or LaTrobe Streets.
I also note that Grandpa’s father also had a brother named Alexander, but there are no details about what he did.'
...." So, as you can see, we have very little to offer Ms Lyn Dalton at this time. Only wish there was more.

      2] Margaret Cameron McColl married Robert Gell.
           1] Robert Alexander Gell.

           2] Susan Cameron Jean Gell.

           3] Peter Andrew Gell.

(Jezzmo takes this opportunity to express appreciation and special thanks to first cousins, Susan & Andrea, for the most recent updates on their Grandfather Alexander's section.)

3] Alfred (Alf) McColl. * born 1892, East Brunswick, Victoria and died 25 April 1915, Gallipoli, Canakalle, Turkey. * Single.

4] Goulson *Stewart* McColl. * born 1895, Melbourne, Victoria, died 1927, Surrey Hills, Victoria.* Single.

5] Kenneth * Campbell * McColl, born 30 May 1901, * North Carlton, Victoria, died 24 Aug 1932, in Mont Albert, Victoria. * He married Llewella * Adele * Nixon on * 20 Dec 1928, in Marysville, Victoria. Llewella was born 25 Sep 1902, in Sale, Victoria, and died on the 7th of Jun 1997, Palm Beach, Queensland. * Family:
     1] Alistair * John * McColl.

The Margaret Annie McColl and Andrew Haddow Family:

1] Andrew Alexander Haddow, Born January 1887, Died 1942. Married Gladys Thomas.
     1] Gwennyth Haddow [died in infancy].

     2] Phyllis Sage Haddow. Born 27 Apr 1931,
     married Robert Reid.
          1] Kathryn Reid [died age 21].

          2] Lynette Reid.

          3] Wendy Reid.

2] Alexander Watt Haddow, Born 04 Sep 1889, Died September 1957. Married Sage Harvey Haddow, in 1918. Died 1929.
     Family: Three children died in infancy.
     Remarried in 1955, Margaret Stuart.

3] James Douglas Haddow, Born 24 Sep 1892, Died January 1955. Married on 04 Jan 1922 to – Pauline Laugier.
     1] Son died in infancy.

     2] Peter Graeme Haddow, Born 02 Jan 1925,
     married Judith Roxborough.
           1] Carol Haddow.

           2] Lynne Haddow.

           3] Joanne Haddow.

           4] James Haddow.

4] Annie Madeline Haddow, Born 01 Apr 1897, Died 18 Nov 1974. Married 10 Dec 1921 William Thomas Carter.
     1] Margaret Winter Carter, Born 04 Dec 1922.
     Married 01 Mar 1954 to Gordon Binns Lang.
           1] Bruce Gordon Lang born 17 Mar 1955.
           Married 06 July 1977 to Jo-Anne Maxwell.

           2] Graeme Andrew Lang b. 23 Apr 1958.

     2] Beryl Harvey Carter, Born 26 Apr 1924.
     Died 08 Nov 1986.
     Married Alfred Edward Perry on 09 Nov 1944.
           1] William Edward Perry b. 02 July 1946.
           Married Kay Barber on 21 Mar 1970.
                 1] Michael Perry b. 15 Mar 1971.

                 2] Kylie Perry b. 24 Sep 1973.

           2] Marilyn Ann Perry b. 13 Jan 1948.
           Married John Morris on 14 Feb 1970.
                 1] Melissa Morris b.28 May 1973.

                 2] Cameron Morris b. 6 Nov 1974.

           Married again. Bruce Ballinger, in 1984.

           3] Robert Harvey Perry b. 20 Jun 1949.
           Married Lee Belbin on 06 Jul 1974.
                 1] Jay Perry b. 15 Oct 1977.

                 2] Brooke Perry b. 21 Jun 1981.

           4] Douglas Alexander Perry b.25 Dec 1952.
           Married Lorraine McCracken on 19 Jan 1974.
                 1] Naomi Perry, b.30 May 1975.

                 2] Rebecca Perry, b. 28 April 1977.

                 3] Colleen Perry, b. 08 Jan 1983.

           5] Elaine Heather Perry, b. 09 May 1955.
           Married John Downs on 30 Jan 1982.
                 1] Christie Downs, b. 26 Nov 1982.

                 2] James Stewart Downs, b. 09 July 1984.

           6] Andrea Margaret Michael Perry,
           born 27th Oct 1960.
                 1] Nicholas ????, b. 17 Feb 1986.

           7] Alistair Roderick Perry, b. 28 Jan 1963.

           8] Beverly Judith Perry, b. 05 Mar 1964.

The Alexander Edward McColl and Minnie [Greenwood] McColl Family:

1] Charles Alexander McColl, Born 24 Mar 1887, Died 1915.

2] Harold Archibald McColl, Born estimated 1888, Died 1913.

3] Alexander Edward McColl, Born estimated 1889, Single

4] John Halliley Greenwood McColl, Born estimated 1890, Married Violet Peters. No family.

5] Stanley Roy McColl, b. 24 Apr 1895. Married Vera Faith Woodfull.
     1] Shirley McColl. [two children]

     2] Ian McColl.

     3] Marilyn McColl.

6] Donald Kirkdale McColl, married Stella Clark, no family.

7] Grace Annie McColl, b. 23 Jan 1900. Married Granville Charles Parkin.
     1] Charles Alexander Parkin married Inez May Wenzel.
           1] Shirley Parkin.

           2] Fleur Parkin.

           3] Michael Parkin.

8] Minnie Beatrice McColl, b. 14 Apr 1907, married Harry Schmidt, no family.

Family of Annie Jane McColl & Nathaniel Haddow:

1] Archibald Haddow, Single.

2] Nathaniel Allan Haddow married in Dec. 1924, Mary Alma Haines.
     1] Elaine Mary Haddow.

     2] Allan Haines Haddow.

     3] Natalie Jean Haddow.

     4] David Haddow.

3] Madelina Florence Haddow, married Leon Scott Hunter.
     1] Geoffrey Scott Hunter.

     2] Roderick Leon Hunter.

     3] Barrie McColl Hunter.

The family of James McColl & Phoebe McColl:

1] James Roy McColl married Alexandra [Drens] Chrichton.
     1] May McColl.

     2] Max McColl.

2] Len McColl, married Olga [Danish] at Gretna Green.
     1] Malcolm McColl.

     2] Janene McColl.

     3] Sharon McColl.

3] Rose McColl, married Ray Sullivan.
     1] Beris Sullivan.

     2] Ian Sullivan.

4] Bert McColl, married Bernice Monk [Dolly].
     1] Graham McColl.

     2] Neil McColl.

5] Evelyn McColl, married Chris Abbott.
     1] Colin Abbott.

     2] Julie Abbott.

     3] David Abbott.

6] James McColl, Single.

The Family of Catherine Mary Ann McColl & Ernest Tippett:

1] William Rupert Tippett [11 Apr 1898-29 Sep 1968] m. 17 Jan 1925,
Lynda Ann Edgoose [23 May 1899- 14 Jul 1980].

     1] James William Bruce Tippett b. 06 Dec 1927.
     married 12 Apr 1952, Elsa [Elva] Thomas b. 3 Feb 1929.


           1] Ronald Bruce Tippett b. 28 May 1953.
           m. 24 Feb 1990 Peta Baldry Duggan.

           2] Barbara Winfrey Tippettb. 10 Aug 1957.
           m. 01 Oct 1983, George Nicholas Christafis.

           3] Howard Neil Tippett b. 21 Jan 1963.
           m. 01 Nov 1986. Kim Maree Retallack.

     2] Ernest Neil Tippett b. 15 Feb 1930.
     m. 05 May 1956, Margaret Anne Paton b. 23 Jun 1934.


           1] Janne Elizabeth Tippett b. 01 Dec 1957. m. 26 Feb 1982,
            Nigel Christopher Brown.

           2] Ross Neill Tippett b. 07 Jun 1960.

           3] Andrew Stuart Tippett b. 16 Oct 1962.

           4] Christopher Hugh Tippett b. 17 Jan 1968.

2] Ernest Archibald Tippett [01 Jun 1899-16 Nov 1964] m. 31 May 1924,
Florence Edith Sumpton, [b. 29 Sep 1900-07 Apr 1995].
     1] Elizabeth Alma [Betty] Tippett [ 22 Feb 1925-14 Nov 2006 ] m. 13 Jan 1951, Maurice Keatch b. 13 Jun 1925.


           1] James [Jim] Ernest Keatch b. 12 Aug 1952.
           m. 10 May 1975, Gayle Cuddy.


                 1] Amy Elizabeth Keatch b. 12 Aug 1978.

                 2] Lauren Adele Keatch b. 20 Jan 1982.

                 3] Catherine Beth Keatch b. 25 Aug 1983.

                 4] Thomas James Keatch b. 03 Jan 1990.

           2] Trevor Maurice Keatch b. 09 Apr 1955. Trevor m.1:

           15 Jan 1977 Jenny Bolton. m.2] Lenaire???????.

           Children:- 4

                 1] Anna Narah Keatch b. 15 Feb 1981.

                 2] Riley Gareth Keatch b. 22 Aug 1983.

                 3] Inez Florence Keatch b. 01 Aug 1987.

                 4] Samuel Derrick Keatch b. 17 Mar 1992.

           3] Elizabeth Mary Keatch b. 30 Jul 1966.
           m. 05 Dec 1981, Geoffrey Payne.


                 1] Jarrad Geoffrey Keatch Payne b. 14 Mar 1984.

                 2] Jessica Elizabeth Payne b. 23 Apr 1986.

     2] Ailsa Carol Tippett b. 15 Mar 1931,
     (^Her Mother named her after Scotland's Ailsa Craig.^)
     m. 09 May 1953, Lindsay Hunt b. 27 Oct 1929.


           1] Carol Anne Hunt b. 14 Mar 1957.
           m1. 24 Sep 1977 Peter Ghys.

           m2. March 1996 David Andrew Tunnock.


                 1] Timothy Lucas Ghys. b. 16 May 1982.

                 2] Philip Stuart Ghys b. 02 Mar 1985.

           2] Robert Lindsay Hunt b. 06 Jan 1959.
            Robert and partner Jennifer Molloy.


                 1] Jaimee Louise Hunt b. 20 Feb 1998.

                 2] Brendan Robert Hunt b. 28 Sep 2000.

           3] Margaret Jean Hunt b. 07 Jun 1963.
           m. 09 Jan 1986, Mark Taylor b. 21 Jan 1959.


                 1] Ryan Mathew Taylor b. 21 Aug 1987.

           4] Russell John Hunt b. 02 Jun 1967. Russell m. 08 Jan 2000.


                 Tamika Brough b. 13 May 1994
                 [Name changed by deed poll to Tamika Hunt.]

     3] Graeme Trevor Tippett 18 Feb1935-25 Dec 2006.
      Graeme m. 01 Dec 1956, Lorraine Williamson, b. 19 Feb ???


     1] Wayne Trevor Tippett b. 28 Jun 1957. Wayne m. 02 Apr 1987
     Donna Gribble,

           1] Chloe Lee Tippett b. 13 Oct 1989.

           2] Jay Trevor Tippett b. 31 Mar 1992.

     2] Mark Robert Tippett b. 09 Sep 1959,
     m. 13 Mar 1982 Fay Preston.


           1] Jaimee Lee Audrey Tippett b. 30 Jan 1985.

           2] Sam Nathan Tippett b. 15 Jun 1987.

           3] Jack Dylon Tippett b?

     3] Noel Douglas Tippett b. 09 Jan 1961.
     Noel married 10 Jan 1987, Sandra Goodes.


           1] Mathew Douglas Tippett b. 02 Dec 1987.

           2] Jason Trevor Tippett b. 28 Oct 1989.

           3] Rebecca Louise Tippett b. 1991.

     4] Craig Andrew Tippett b. 21 Aug 1962 [Lived only 11 hours].

     5] Kerryn Lee Tippett b. 19 Jun 1964. Kerryn and partner Darren.


           1] Liam Trevor Tippett.

           2] Shamus Peter Tippett.

3] Donald Hamilton Tippett, Born 26 Dec 1901, Died 29 Aug 1981. Married Dorothy Thomson.

     1] Ian Tippett, Deceased.

     2] Elizabeth Tippett.

4] Alexander Julian Tippett, Born 21 Jul 1904. Married Vera Bolitho.

     1] Haldane Tippett.

     2] Anthony Tippett.

5] Alma Tippett, Born 24 Sep 06. Married Eric Barratt. No family.

6] Douglas Norman Tippett, Born 25 Sep1907, Died 17 Jan 1982. Married 11 Nov 1933 to Edna Casson.

     1] Howard Tippett.

     2] Patricia Tippett.

7] Haldane Tippett, Born 31 Mar 1910, Died 11 Nov 1910

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