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Charles Stewart &

Charles Stewart &

Janet Jessie Laird Smith.

Salt Lake City.





harles Stewart was the only son of John Stewart and his first wife Agnes McCulloch who were married in Glasgow on 12 May 1844.


We have the “Genealogical Tree of the Descendants of Francis McCulloch, Stocking-Frame Maker In Glasgow” which advises et al, that “Charles Stewart, Salt Lake City, US. [address per father]”   No birth  or christening date is given, but the compiler believes that Charles was born in Glasgow on 16 Nov 1845.


Charles married Janet Jessie Laird Smith on 28 Sept 1875, in Blackfriars [Registration District?], Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland.  Janet was born in Beith, Ayrshire, Scotland. On  21 Mar 1854.  Neither Charles nor Janet’s entry in the IGI disclose their parent’s name, and I have been advised by an LDS researcher that these would have been deleted by the LDS transcriber.


I attended a local LDS Family History Centre where a researcher advised me that her church records showed that this Charles joined the Mormon church in Glasgow, and in the church Ordinances that he was baptised on 31 Jul 1884 and that someone, presumably a descendant, had endowed him on 22 Jun 1976 in the town of Provo, in Utah, U.S.. .





1881 U.K. Census. [taken 04 Apr 1881]


390 Caledonia Road,  [Gorbals?], Govan [parish], [Glasgow], Lanarkshire.


Charles Stewart, Head, 35 years, b. Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland. Occupation: Master Tailor & Clothier, employs 2 men.

Janet Stewart, Wife, 28 years, b. Beith, Ayrshire, Scotland.

Jessie [Caldwell] Stewart, Dau., 4 years, b. Glasgow, Lanarkshire.

John Stewart, Son, 3 years, b. Glasgow, Lanarkshire.

Charles Stewart, 1 year, b. Glasgow, Lanarkshire.

Margaret Gray, Servant, 17 years, b. Springburn, Lanarkshire, Occupation: General Servant.




This photograph, which is in the collections of members in Australia, Canada, England, and the U.S.A., has puzzled many who have attempted to identify the people shown in the group.  Obviously there are some individuals in the group, whose age would eliminate them from being considered John(b.1823) Stewart's children, and this has raised much speculation as to the possibility that John had three wives.  Thanks to the Rev. David Owen Nicholson in supplying factual genealogical information, we now know that John was married twice, the wives and children have been clearly identified, and I shall have another attempt at unravelling the mystery of the individuals in the photograph, further on.

    The Great-Great-Grandson of John Stewart, Great-Grandson of Mary (Stewart) MacKenzie, Grandson of Jessie (MacKenzie) Gray, Son of Kathleen (Gray) Robinson, Cousin of Colleen Cahoon and many others, Mr. John Bradbury Robinson, feels he has successfully identified everyone in the photo.  He based his identification on comparison of other photos in the family collection, census data, and along with birth and marriage data, was able to narrow down his identification to all but two of the individuals.   When I, Colleen Cahoon, shared the information, discovered by Genealogist Deborah Robertson of Glasgow, of the existence of Mary (McMillan) and John Stewart's daughter, Ann Archibald Stewart, born in 1855, John B. Robinson began to investigate marriage records for Ann.   Therein finding that she had been listed in England, visiting her half-sister, Mary (Stewart) MacKenzie, during the 1871 Census year and he also discovered her marriage to Alexander Colburn.  Thus, John B. Robinson feels he has successfully identified everyone in the photo, as follows:

1. Charles(b.1846) Stewart,
who in the near future moved his family to Salt Lake, Utah, USA.
2. Christina (b.1862) Stewart,
3. John (b.1860) Stewart,
4. Isabella (b.1857) Stewart,
5. John MacKenzie,
6. Mary(b.1844) MacKenzie (Nee Stewart)
7. Janet (Jessie) MacKenzie
(JR's Grandmother, who married Albert Gray)
8. Stewart MacKenzie,
9. Jessie-Janet Laird(nee Smith) Stewart
holding baby, Jessie Caldwell Stewart,
10. Edward Archibald Stewart
(Colleen's Great-Grandfather),
Family Heads, 11. John (b.1823) Stewart and
12. Mary (nee McMillan) Stewart.
We are still investigating who #13 and #14 might be,
but as of May 2007 we are of the mind that they are:
Annie(b.1855) Archibald Stewart
and husband, Alexander Colburn.

... Thank you J.B.R. !!! @




Emmigration To Salt Lake City, Utah, U.S.A.


We know from LDS sources that Charles was a member of the LDS church in Glasgow, and it is reasonable to assume that Janet was also, and that this church membership was the most likely reason why the family migrated to Salt Lake City.


Whilst the 1900 Utah Census advises that all members of the family emigrated in 1884, a descendant, Neal Stewart Waterfall advises that the mother, Janet, & daughter Jessie, stayed for a year with relatives in Scotland, before joining father, Charles, and his two sons.




1890 City Directory For Salt Lake City, Utah, U.S.A.


I believe that this listing could very well be for our Charles Stewart, as we now know that he immigrated in 1884, and it is likely that one of these addresses could be his place of business:


Charles Stewart, Tailor, two addresses;

1] 142 East, First South, Salt Lake City, Utah.

2]  903 East, Third South, Salt Lake City, Utah.





1900 Utah Census.


This Census listing is of particular interest to our research as the address listed, 576 Second North Street, Salt Lake City accords with that for a Mrs. Charles Stewart in an old address book of Janet Reid McKenzie 1886-1924, who was a descendant of Charles sister Mary (nee Stewart) McKenzie.


1900 Utah Census.

Salt Lake County, Salt Lake City.

Enumerated 02 June 1900.

ED 35, page 2, line 65.


576  Second North Street,

CHARLES STEWART, head, b. Aug 1845, age 54, married 24 years, b. Scotland, Year immigrated 1884, in USA 15 years, Naturalized, Occupation Tailor, renting house.


JESSIE STEWART, Wife, b. March 1854, age 46, 24 years married, number of children born 8, number of children still living 4,  b. Scotland, immigrated in 1884, 15 years in USA.


JESSIE STEWART, Daur., b. May 1877, age 23, number of children born 0, b. Scotland. Immigrated in 1884, in USA 15 years.


JOHN  STEWART, son, b. Sep 1879, age 20, single, b. Scotland, year immigrated 1884, in USA 15 years, naturalised unknown, occupation Bookkeeper.


CHARLES STEWART, son, b. Dec 1880, age 19, single, b. Scotland, year immigrated 1884, in USA 15 years, naturalized unknown, occupation Cashier in Restaurant.


AGNES STEWART, dau., b. Jun 1891, age 8, b. Utah.







Photograph of Charles Stewart, Son of Charles and Janet Laird (nee Smith) Stewart his suit has the "aire" of an emigrant in the West, so this was surely taken in Utah, or perhaps even California.




Benjamin Waterfall & Jessie Caldwell Stewart.


Benjamin Waterfall  b. 15 Apr 1876 m  Jessie Caldwell Stewart b. 30 Sep 1876, married in Salt Lake City, Utah.



1]  Niles Louis Waterfall  [changed to  Louis Niles]  m. Marjorie Imler.


      1]  Roderick Waterfall [deceased]

      2]  Gordon Waterfall, lives Tucson, Arizona.

      3]  Neal Stewart Waterfall m Margaret  lives near Seattle, Washington State.





Charles & Janet Stewart’s other Children:


2]  Dorothy Stewart d. c1945 in California, m  Mercer Weed, lived primarily in Indiana.

      Children:   None.


3]   Charles Stewart, b. 1881.


4]   John Caldwell Stewart, was born 30 Sep 1877 and died on 15 Sep 1934; married Nellie Marsh Flandro, on 15 Nov 1910 in Salt Lake City, Utah.  Nellie b. 24 Sep 1885 in Wellington, Sumner, Kansas. d. 28 Dec 1970  assume SLC.


       1]  Donald Charles Stewart. b. 15 Dec 1912, SLC. Utah, d. 24 Aug 1996.


       2]  Jack Calvin Stewart. b. 30 May 1920, SLC. d. 20 Mar 1932.


       3]  Nellie Jessie Stewart, b. 10 Dec 1917, d. 10 Dec 1917, SLC


       4]  Roy Stewart.





Advice From Margaret Waterfall, wife of Neal Stewart Waterfall.


“ [Janet] Jessie Laird Smith and Charles Stewart immigrated to Utah because she was converted to the Mormon church by missionaries in Scotland.  Family history says that Charles was a reluctant immigrant but Jessie prevailed.  She did not stay with the Mormon church, but moved on to other churches, sampling each one for a time.”


“Eventually [Janet] Jessie and Charles Stewart parted company, although I have never heard any reference to a divorce.


Donald Stewart [son of John Stewart, grandson of [Janet] Jessie and Charles] researched the family intensively, but was never able to locate either the date or place of Charles’ death.


Neal’s father always spoke very disdainfully of him, the result, I think, of Charles’ soft/weak personality and his fondness for alcohol.”




1920 U.S. Census Utah.


#1941 Lincoln Street, Salt Lake City, Utah.


John C. Stewart, Head, 44, Salesman Dry Goods Store, b. Scotland. Arr.1878, Nat. 1893

Nellie M. Stewart, Wife,  34 b. Kansas.

Donald C. Stewart, Son, 7, b. Utah.

Roy E. Stewart, Son, 5, b. Utah.

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