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The McCulloch’s Of Glasgow



The McCulloch’s Of Glasgow.






hanks to the courtesy of  Dr. Janet Clarke, a descendant of John Stewart & his first wife Agnes McCulloch, the compiler has now a copy of the “Genealogical Tree of the Descendants of Francis McCulloch, Stocking-Frame Maker in Glasgow.”


Some 75 members are listed in this Tree, some with comments, but the whole document was bereft of any dates, although quite a number have been found by the compiler.


Full  member’s details are to be found in the compiler’s Extended  Mytree family tree computer programme, and we shall merely list here, those that illustrate the marriage of Agnes McCulloch to  John Stewart:


Francis McCulloch’s first marriage to Catherine Macauley.


Francis McCulloch, b. EST 1764, assume Glasgow, Stocking Frame Maker in Glasgow, Married Catherine Macauley,  c1784, assume Glasgow.

Four Children:


Gavin McCulloch, b. 19 Oct 1784 in Glasgow, married Isabella Birnie 01 Sep 1806, in Barony [Glasgow].

Eight Children:


Agnes McCulloch, Christened  22 Dec 18??, Gorbals, Glasgow,  Married John Stewart, Tailor on 12 May 1844, and they  resided at 29 Stirling Street, Glasgow.


According to this Genealogical Tree, they had two children:


Mary Stewart  b. 10 January 1844, married to John McKenzie and they resided at 3 Percy  Road Whitley, near Tynemouth, England.


Charles Stewart.   [  Salt Lake City  U.S. – address per father].  The compiler has the IGI birth record of a Charles Stewart, born Glasgow, 16 November 1845, but the parent’s names are not recorded.




As John Stewart and his second wife Mary Mosse McMillan had a grandson named Charles Stewart, who emigrated to Canada c1900, and possibly visited  his aunts in Massachusetts, there is confusion between these two Charles, and indeed also whether the earlier one existed.


( Note inserted by John Duncan’s cousin, from Texas, Colleen Cahoon in December of 2008… “With all due respect to my dear cousin, John Duncan, I left his above remark, intact, as written.  However the remark itself gives rise to confusion because the grandson, Charles, was the son of Charles, son of John and Mary… hence I do not understand what John Duncan meant at suggesting that Charles had not existed, particularly as Charles is listed in several early census, in Scotland, as John and Mary’s son, as well as appearing in several family portraits. ”)


Another source of confusion exists over the given date of birth [from Janet Clarke], of Mary Stewart viz. 10 January 1844.  John Stewart & Agnes McCulloch  were married four months after this birth, on 12 May 1844.  So was John Stewart the biological father of Mary?


( Note inserted by John Duncan’s cousin, from Texas, Colleen Cahoon in December of 2008… “With all due respect to my dear cousin, John Duncan, I left his above remark, intact, as written.  While there may have been some disparity between the birth date of Mary and wedding date of John & Agnes, there is no such dispute with regard to Mary’s  brother, Charles.  One need only look at the two to recognize an obvious sibling resemblance.  Whereas the resemblance could be attributed to inheriting their looks from their mother, Agnes, and leaving the question raised by John Duncan, perceivably still a logical question, one thing is unquestionable: John Stewart raised Mary and Charles as his own, first with their biological mother, Agnes, and then with his second wife, Mary Mosse McMillan.  Another point to consider is that when couples came from two different areas, often the wedding banns are mentioned in both and sometimes with different dates…  )


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