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The Petrans of Czechoslovakia & Australia

Chapter 10, an Extract from

"We Are All Margaret Haldane's Bairns"

"By John Duncan,

"of Melbourne, Australia 2001"

Transcribed & Updated for the web,
by his American Cousin,
Colleen Cahoon, of Texas

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23rd. Psalm in Scots

The Lord is my Shepherd in nocht am I wantin'
In the haugh's green girse does He mak me lie doon
While mony puir straiglers are bleatin' and pantin'
By saft-flowin' burnies He leads me at noon.

When aince I had strayed far awa in the bracken,
And daidled till gloamin' cam ower a' the hills,
Nae dribble o' water my sair drooth to slacken,
And dark grow'd the nicht wi' its haars and its chills.

Awa frae the fauld, strayin' fit-sair and weary,
I thocht I had naethin' tae dae but tae dee.

He socht me and fand me in mountain hechts dreary,
He gangs by fell paths which He kens best for me.

And noo, for His name's sake, I'm dune wi' a' fearin'
Though cloods may aft gaither and soughin' win's blaw.

"Hoo this?" or "Hoo that?" -- oh, prevent me frae spearin'
His will is aye best, and I daurna say "Na".

The valley o' death winna fleg me to thread it,
Through awfu' the darkness, I weel can foresee.

Wi' His rod and His staff He wull help me to tread it,
Then wull its shadows, sae gruesome, a' flee.

Forfochen in presence o' foes that surround me,
My Shepherd a table wi' denties has spread.

The Thyme and the Myrtle blaw fragrant aroond me,
He brims a fu' cup and poors oil on my head.

Surely guidness an' mercy, despite a' my roamin'
Wull gang wi' me doon tae the brink o' the river.

Ayont it nae mair o' the eerie an' gloamin'
I wull bide in the Hame o' my Faither for ever.

Prior to beginning the reading of this compilation, it is recommended that you read the compiler, John Duncan's introduction, if you have not already.

In Scotland, the land of my birth, folks have a popular saying that "we are all Jock Tamson's bairns!"

I have no idea who Mr. Tamson [Thompson] was, but the saying may be interpreted as stating that Scots are all descended from a common ancestor, and whilst doubt can be cast upon the legitimacy of this idea, it is true that the most of the people mentioned in this family history, are indeed the descendants of this Scottish lady - Margaret Haldane #60, and so I have decided to entitle this story: "We are all Margaret Haldane's Bairns".


The marriage of my (the compiler, John Duncan) daughter, Dorothy Anne Duncan, to John Martin Petran results in a continuation of Margaret Haldane's descendancy via their children, also it is important to me, to include those details of the Petran family tree that Mrs. Anne Petran has been kind enough to supply.

It is the custom in Czechoslovakia, that when a woman marries she takes her husband surname, adding the suffix “ova” and from the name of Josefa Bockova below, apparently daughter’s adopted their mother’s married name.

Ancestors of John Martin Petran #32.


1] Jan Petran #388 born Czechoslovakia ? married Marie born Czech.?

           1] Vaclav Petran #390.
           2] Valeria Petran #391.

2] Jaroslav Boceck #385 m. Marie Cermak #386 [in Czech.?] See also Chapter 9. Anton Joseph Cermak- Mayor of Chicago.

           1] Josefa Bockova #387.

3] Vaclav Petran #390 married Josefa Bockova #387.

           1] Peter Jaroslav Petran #402 born 12 Jun 1923 in Czech..


1] Mr & Mrs Srsen in Czech.

           1] Jano Srsen #393.
           2] Maria Srsen #394.
           3] Stefan Srsen #398 married Katarina Moravcik #396.

                       1] Katarina Moravcik #397 born 26 Dec c1902.
           4] Martin Srsen #395 born 13 Oct 1898 Married 26 December 1902, Katarina Moravcik #397. Born 26 Dec 1902.

                       1] Bohuslav Srsen #399 born 19?? Czech.
                       2] Yolana Srsen #400 born 19?? in Czech.
                       3] Anne Millie Srsen #401 born 09 Oct 1926 in Czech.

Compiler’s Note: The Srsen family details given here are subject to confirmation.

Peter Jaroslav Petran and Anne Millie Srsen

Peter Jaroslav Petran #402 was born 12 Jun 1923 and married in Melbourne, Australia to Anne Millie Srsen #401, born 09 Oct 1926.

1] John Martin Petran #32 was born in Melbourne, a twin, on 27 Jun 1954, and married Dorothy Anne Duncan #29 born 29 May 1957 in Melbourne.
           1] Natalie Anne Petran #33 born Mitcham 01 Dec 1985.
           2] Jenna May Petran #34 born Mitcham 07 Nov 1988.

2] Paul Petran #403 born Melbourne 27 Jun 1954 [twin] married Glynis Higham #404 born Melbourne.
           1] Clare Rose Petran #405 born Melbourne 30 Aug 1985.
           2] Adele Alice Petran #406 born Melbourne 21 Mar 1983.
           3] James Petran #407.

3] Peter Petran #408 born Melbourne 10 Sep 1958, married Suzanne Risk, #409 born 15 Oct 1961 in Wollongong, N.S.W..
           1] Amanda Petran born 16 Nov 1990.
           2] Ashley Petran born 16 Nov 1990.
           3] Nicole Petran born 14 Jun 1993.
           4] Justin Petran born 10 Dec 1994.

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