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Chapter 9, an Extract from

"We Are All Margaret Haldane's Bairns"

"By John Duncan,

"of Melbourne, Australia 2001"

Transcribed & Updated for the web,
by his American Cousin,
Colleen Cahoon, of Texas

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Have you ever been to Scotland?
I heard a Scotsman say.
Have you never been to Scotland,
Well, I hope some day you may.

To sit awhile beside the burn while the shades of evening fall,
And see afar the distant hills and hear the curlew call,
To wander midst the heather and feel the wind's caress,
You feel your heart a bursting with the glow of happiness.

What of that great castle? That fortress built of stone.
Where Scotsmen fought their hardest to put Charlie on the throne.
See the Pass of Glencoe where brave men fought and died.
To save old Scotland's honour, and fill our hearts with pride.

There is the Port of Glasgow, where ships from far and wide,
Come sailing up the river. The dear old River Clyde.
From that busy sea-port, many a man with wife and kin,
Left for a far-far country, a new life to begin.

Do go to Glamis Castle; where a Queen to be was born,
Where many coloured flowers border the greenest lawns.
Go to the Games at Braemar and see those feats of skill,
You'll set your feet a-tapping when they dance the eight-some reel.

Northward then to Aberdeen,
That Granite City -wondrous clean,
Down by the shore the fisher-folk,
The harvest of the sea they glean.

And someday, if God spares me, to Scotland I will go,
What we heard in song and story, these things I'll see and know.
I'll walk a-mang the heather, I'll know her banks and brae's,
And like Robbie Burns before me, I too, shall sing her praise.

[author unknown] but provided by John Duncan.

Prior to beginning the reading of this compilation, it is recommended that you read the compiler, John Duncan's introduction, if you have not already.

In Scotland, the land of my birth, folks have a popular saying that "we are all Jock Tamson's bairns!"

I have no idea who Mr. Tamson [Thompson] was, but the saying may be interpreted as stating that Scots are all descended from a common ancestor, and whilst doubt can be cast upon the legitimacy of this idea, it is true that the most of the people mentioned in this family history, are indeed the descendants of this Scottish lady - Margaret Haldane #60, and so I have decided to entitle this story:

We are all Margaret Haldane's Bairns.


Whilst the Miller family have no connection with Margaret Haldane, other than from the marriage of Matilda McKendrick Miller with the compiler, John Duncan, this family history would be incomplete, without including the Miller family tree.

Matilda McKendrick Miller’s- Ancestors.

1] James Miller, born EST 1836 of Falkirk married Sophia McHenry, their son Joseph Miller, born 04 Jun 1856.

2] John McKendrick, born County Antrim, Northern Ireland, married Elizabeth Paton, born 1841. Their daughter, Matilda McKendrick, was born in 1860.

3] William Bilsland, born 1852, married 19 Dec 1871, Janet Meiklem, born 1849. Their daughter, Isabella Bilsland, born 1873.

John Duffy, married Isabella Bilsland.


1] John Duffy.

2] Janet McLeod Duffy.

Joseph Miller, born 1856, married Matilda McKendrick, born 1860.


1] Joseph Bristow Miller, lived at Kingshill, Gartcosh, Lanarkshire, with his brother, John’s, family.

2] Sophia Miller, born 1881 lived at Kingshill, Gartcosh, with her brother John’s family.

3] James Miller, born 1885.

4] Elizabeth Miller, born 1883, married William Laughlan.

5] Matilda Miller, born 1888, married John Holmes.

6] John McKendrick Miller born 1890, married Janet McLeod Duffy born 1902.


     1] Matilda McKendrick Miller born 06 Jun 1932, at Glasgow, lived at 2 Kingshill Cottages, Lanarkshire, married 09 Mar 1951, John Duncan  [refer Duncans in Australia chapter.]

     2] John McKendrick Miller, born 11 Apr 1934, at Bellshill, Lanarkshire, married 05 Jun 1959, to Marion [Morag] Hardie Mcleod, born 14 Feb 1937.; [biographies further on].


           1] David Miller, born 24 Feb 1961, at Bellshill, married 22 Nov 1986, Sybil Jack, born 17 Jul 1964.  [ Refer to biographies below. ]


                 1] Vivian Miller, born 11 Nov 1992.

                 2] Samantha Miller, born 15 Sep 1994.

     3] Isabella Bilsland Miller, married to Tom Scott, died.. Isabella lives and operates her Farm, at Cleghorn, Lanark with her two sons.


           1] Tom Scott, unmarried.

           2] John Scott, unmarried.

     4] Elizabeth Paton Miller, born ABT 1938, married to Alex Jenkins.


           1] Fiona Jenkins, unmarried.

     5] James Miller, born married to Kathleen McKinlay.


           1] John Miller.

           2] Kirsty Miller.

Biography of John McKendrick Miller.

John was born at Bellshill Scotland on 11 Apr 1934, the second eldest of five children of John McKendrick Miller, and Janet Mcleod Duffy. Brought up at 2 Kingshill Cottage, Gartcosh.

Attended Gartcosh Primary School and Coatbridge High School; left full time education in 1949 without any qualifications.

In 1949 he commenced employment in a building merchant’s office as a Junior Clerk, within one year moved to training as a Junior Accountant.

He was conscripted into the Royal Air Force and served on Ground Radar until he was honourably discharged in 1954.

He then returned to his former employment, but left in 1955 to join the British Transport Police [railway police] and left this employment to join the Coatbridge Burgh Police.

From 1956 until 1961 he was engaged upon uniform duties, then from 1961 until 1965 he served upon the Criminal Investigation Department [C.I.D.], until he returned to uniform as a Sergeant.

In 1972, John decided that his education had been neglected, and attended day release and night school classes, and over the next few years was awarded, several higher leaving certificates, a Scottish National Certificate in Business Studies, Higher National Certificates in Police Studies and Public Administration, an Honours Degree in Economics and Politics and was awarded Part 1 of a post graduate Diploma in Management Studies.

He was a uniform Inspector from 1975 until 1978, then from 1978 until 1981 he served as Chief Inspector and Director of Studies at the Scottish Police College Tulliallan.

In 1978 he was Chief Inspector Discipline Department at Police Headquarters, in 1979 Chief Inspector Emergencies Planning Department. In 1980 Superintendent in charge of Emergencies Planning and in 1981 Superintendent in charge of Bridgeton Sub Division.

From 1982 he was Superintendent in charge of Shettleston Sub Division, then in 1983, Deputy Divisional Commander Motherwell Division, and in 1986 Chief Superintendent and Divisional Commander at Motherwell.

In 1987 he retired from the police force and took up a position as Senior Emergencies Planning Officer, with Strathclyde Regional Council, finally retiring in 1994.

John married Marion [Morag] Hardie McLeod, at Glenboig Parish Church, on 05 Jun 1959 and they had one son – David.

John & Morag live in Drumpellier, Coatbridge, Scotland.

Biography of Marion [Morag] Hardie McLeod.

Marion was born on 14 Feb 1937, the eldest of three children of David McLeod and Elizabeth Young. Brought up in the Greefoot and Ramoan areas of Glenboig.

Attended Glenboig Primary School and Coatbridge High School. Marion left full time education in 1952 and took up employment with Glenboig Union Fireclay Company in a clerical capacity.

She attended further education classes and qualified as a Shorthand Typist still with the same company, latterly working in the laboratory section of the company.

Marion - or Morag - as she prefers to be addressed, married John Miller, on 05 Jun 1959, at Glenboig Parish Church and continued to work at Glenboig until the birth of David, when she retired for a few years, until David commenced schooling.

Morag resumed employment with positions with Weir Housing Corporation and Ladybird Textiles and eventually was appointed Auxiliary Assistant, at Bargeddie Primary School, where she was employed until a health breakdown, in 1982, when she was obliged to retire from full time employment.

In 1987 and 1988, she suffered two major strokes which led to loss of her speech.

Biography of David Miller.

David was born on 24 Feb 1961, in Bellshill Maternity Hospital. Prior to his marriage he lived with his parents in Drumpellier, Coatbridge.

Following attending Old Monkland Primary School he attended Coatbridge High School. Upon leaving school he attended Strathclyde University where he was awarded a BA [Hons] in Economics and later took up a position with the Bank of Scotland as a graduate trainee.

David’s service with the bank included duties at the following branches:

Coatbridge/Motherwell/Cumbernauld/GlasgowChiefOffice/Uddingston/East Kilbride/Glasgow Queen Street/Airdrie/Strathaven.

He then became Executive Assistant to the Bank’s Deputy Governor at the Mound-which David describes “as a very posh position for a boy from the streets.”

Following this he became Marketing Manager in the bank’s International Division, then Associate Director in the Internal Audit Area. David currently [2000] hopes to move out of this position, to a new post as a Business Consultant for the IT area.

David is an elder with the Dalziel – St. Andrews Church, Motherwell.

He lives with his wife Sybil,and daughters Vivian & Samantha in Bellshill, right next to the hospital he was born!

Biography of Sybil Jack.

Sybil, was born on 17 Jul 1964 in Beckford Lodge in Hamilton. She lived in Motherwell where she attended primary and secondary school.

Following school she went to work with the Bank of Scotland, and David Miller met her when they both worked at the Motherwell Branch. David & Sybil were married on 22 Nov 1986, in Dalziel Church, Motherwell.

British Census 1881.

The compiler searched this CD ROM collection at Melton public library on 21 May 2001 and came up with the following Miller ancestral records:

Dwelling: Corseys Row 3, Census Place: Old Monkland, Lanark, Scotland.

Source: FHL Film 0203700 GRO Ref Volume 652-2 EnumDist 22 Page 13.

John McKendrick Married, Age 50, Birthplace: Antrim County, Northern Ireland, Rel: Head, Occ: Coal Miner.

Elizabeth McKendrick [nee Paton,] Married, Age 40, Birthplace: New Monkland, Garden Sq. SCT, Rel: Wife, Occ: Coal Miner Wife.

John McKendrick Unmarried, Age 15, Birthplace: Bathkennar, Stirling, SCT, Rel: Son, Occ. Pithead Labourer.

Sophia McKendrick, Age 12, Birthplace: Old Monkland, Lanark, SCT, Rel: Dau., Occ: Scholar.

Elizabeth McKendrick, Age 6, Birthplace: Old Monkland, Lanark, SCT, Rel: Dau., Occ: Scholar.

Joseph McKendrick, Age 3, Birthplace: Old Monkland, Lanark, SCT, Rel: Son.

William McKendrick, Age 10 mo., Birthplace: Old Monkland, Lanark, SCT, Rel: Son.

---------- End Of Census Extract.-----------

Matilda McKendrick, Daughter, Age 21, born 1860, Birthplace: Passover, Old Monkland, Lanark, Scotland, had married Joseph Miller, and the 1881 census counted her as part of the following household:

Dwelling: Kilgarth Row 5,

Census Place: Old Monkland, Lanark, Scotland.

Source: FHL Film 0203700 GRO Ref Volume 652-2 EnumDist 22 Page 5.

Joseph Miller, Married, Age 24, Birthplace: Falkirk, Stirling, Scotland. Rel: Head. Occ: Coal Miner.

Matilda Miller [nee McKendrick,] Married, Age 21, Birthplace: Passover, Old Monkland. Rel: Wife. Occ: Coal Miner's Wife.

Sophia Miller, Age 1 month, Birthplace: Kilgarth, Old Monkland. Rel: Dau. Occ: Coal Miner's Dau.

Hugh Norton, Widow, Age 71, Birtplace: Old Monkland. Rel: Lodger. Occ: Coal Miner.

----------End Of Census Extract.----------

Other Children.

Elizabeth Miller, Born 1883.

James Miller, Born 1885.

Matilda Miller, Born 1888.

John McKendrick Miller, Born 1890.

Joseph Bristow Miller, Born c1892.

Dwelling: 60 Main St., Census Date 1881

Census Place: Barony, Lanark, Scotland.

Source: FHL Film 0203644 GRO Ref Volume 644-4 Enum Dist 80 Page 18.

William Bilsland, Married, Age 29, Birthplace: Glasgow, Lanark, SCT Rel: Head, Occ: Confection Hawker.

Janet Bilsland [nee Meiklem,] Married, Age 32, Birthplace: Glasgow, Lanark, SCT, Rel: Wife.

Isabella Bilsland, Age 8, Birthplace: Glasgow, Lanark, SCT, Rel: Dau., Occ: Scholar.

James Bilsland, Age 2, Birthplace: Glasgow, Lanark, SCT, Rel: Son.

William Bilsland, Age 3 months, Birthplace: Glasgow, Lanark, SCT, Rel: Son.

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